Salesforce Development Help & Technical Support Number

Salesforce Development Help & Technical Support Number

Salesforce Development Help & Guide contact us at  skype: abstract.softweb | .

Salesforce technical support number India: 9928000647

Salesforce technical support number India: 9928000647

Salesforce support email:

Salesforce support chat: abstract.softweb

Salesforce help guide & consultant:

Salesforce developer support INDIA: +919928000647

Salesforce developer support USA: +14084447918

Abstract Softweb provided quality salesforce consulting services to a number of organizations using Salesforce. We have provided a range of customized services to our salesforce customers, from salesforce configuration to your organization to the provision of fully customized features using Apex. We have helped many organizations as their salesforce implementation partner to provide them with an efficient system that increases their productivity and at the same time provides them with a cost-effective solution. Read more  Salesforce wiki page .

Salesforce USA Help Support

Contact Salesforce (Select Options on IVR based on help needed) 1-800-NOSOFTWARE
Standard Support Direct Dial* 1-415-901-7010
Premier Support Toll Free 1-866-614-7375
Premier Marketing Cloud number 1-866-767-0701
Standard Marketing Cloud number 1-866-558-9823
Premier Social Marketing Cloud number 1-888-672-3426
Spanish Support (Including Marketing Cloud) 1-866-450-8123

*Contact timing (Standard AMER hours 8am – 8pm EST for Severity 1 issues)

Standard Support Direct Dial (English)*# +353-1-440-3503
Premier Support Toll (English) +353-1-440-3590
Premier Marketing Cloud Support 44 (0) 2072918560
Standard Marketing Cloud Support 44 (0) 2072918550
Premier Social Marketing Cloud number 08-082346739

*(Standard EMEA hours 8am – 6pm GMT for Severity 1 issues)

Salesforce USA /EMEA Premier Support Toll-Free Numbers

Country Toll Free Number in English Toll Free Number in other language (if applicable)
America Latina 001-866-614-7375 001-415-536-4606 Spanish
Argentina 000-800-4442631 001-8664508123 Spanish
Argentina (for Marketing Cloud) 001-8664508123 001-8664508123 Spanish
Austria 00-800-40454045 0800-295282 * German
Belgium 00-800 40454045 0800-76981 * French
Brazil N/A 0800-891-1887 Portuguese
Brazil (for Marketing Cloud) N/A 0800-891-1887
Canada/USA (see above for Americas Support) 877-282-1987 * French
Chile 001-2300205564 001-8664508123
Chile (for Marketing Cloud) 001-8664508123 001-8664508123 Spanish
Colombia 001-8005184149 001-8664508123
Colombia (for Marketing Cloud) 001-8664508123 001-8664508123 Spanish
Denmark 80-886867 N/A
Finland 0-800-1-14378 N/A
France 00-800-40454045 0800-918476 * French
France (for Marketing Cloud) +33 182885757 N/A
Germany 800-40454045 0-800-000-4435 *
Germany (for Marketing Cloud) 0800-1830847 N/A
Greece 00-800-40454045 N/A
Ireland 00-800-40454045 N/A
Israel 1-80-9216278 N/A
Italy 00-800-40454045 800-782619*
Luxembourg 00-800-40454045 N/A
Mexico 001-8664508123 001-8664508123 Spanish
Mexico (for Marketing Cloud) 001-8664508123 001-8664508123 Spanish
Netherlands 00-800-40454045 8000201224 * Dutch
Netherlands Antilles 001-8669246142 N/A
Norway 800-12363 N/A
Portugal 00-800-40454045 8008-55236
Russia 8-10-8002-4414011 N/A
South Africa 00-800-40454045 N/A
Spain 00-800-40454045 900-971430 * Spanish
Sweden 0200882570 N/A
Switzerland 00-800-40454045 800000010 * German
0800-555918 * French
UAE 800-035703814 N/A
UK 00-800-40454045 08003768325 English
UK (for Marketing Cloud) 808-101-7081 207-291-8560 (local) English
  • Salesforce Access
    For 0800 numbers you have to add the country code first
  • *International Toll Free numbers may not be supported by your local telecom provider.
  • Should you experience this issue, please use a landline or the alternate local Toll free or Direct Dial numbers listed.Salesforce Language Hours
    *Non English European languages (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch) are available during business hours (8AM-6PM GMT) and Non English Latin American Languages (Spanish, Portuguese) are available during business hours (8AM- 8PM EST)
  • Marketing Cloud Non English European languages (French, German) are available during business hours 3AM – 12PM EST Monday through Friday. Marketing Cloud Spanish support is available 8AM – 5PM EST daily.
  • Local language support is provided on a best effort basis during business hours; English language support is always available 24/7.Salesforce Asia Pacific
Premier and Standard Support Direct Dial +65 6302 5700
Premier Marketing Cloud Support +61 2 8067 1551
Standard Marketing Cloud Support +61 2 8067 1550
Marketing Cloud Social Support (Australia Dial) 1-800-894-866
  • Best time to call Salesforce (Standard APAC hours 8 am – 8 pm Sydney time)
  • Standard Support is for Severity 1 issues
  • Language APAC hours 10 am-7pm Sydney time * Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese language support available.

Salesforce  Asia Pacific Premier and Standard Support Country Toll-Free

Country Toll-Free Number
Australia 1-800-789-984
Australia (for Marketing Cloud) Premier: 1-800-203-823
Standard: 1-800-078-188
China National 4001-201224
Hong Kong (Mandarin upon request) 800-967-655
India 000800-001-6000
Korea 00308-1-21566
Malaysia 1-800-813-698
New Zealand 0-800-45-0064
North China (Cantonese upon request) 10-800-712-1782
South China (Cantonese upon request) 10-800-120-1782
Singapore 800-1301-448
Taiwan (Cantonese upon request) 00801-138701
Thailand 001-800-12-0666329
  • Salesforce – Standard APAC, EMEA, and Japanese languages are also available during their regional business hours.
  • Salesforce – Standard Support APAC toll-free numbers are only accessible within those countries.

Salesforce Japan Help Number

Standard Support Toll-Free Direct Dial 0066-33-812476
Standard Support Toll Direct Dial 03-4222-0222
Premier Support Toll-Free Direct Dial 0120-733-251
Marketing Cloud +81 0066-33-813482
Pardot Standard Support 03-4222-1006
Pardot Premier Support Toll-Free Direct Dial 0120-911-779
  • Salesforce Japan Phone Product Support
    Support language is in Japanese only (Please call other Support Numbers available for Support in English).
  • Standard Support Number is for Sev1 issues only.
  • Marketing Cloud support is available 9 am – 6 pm Tokyo Time

Pardot Support is available during the Support Hours for Japan listed below:

Standard Support Hours for Japan
Mon – Fri 9 am – 5 pm ( Tokyo Time)


Premier Support Hours for Japan
Mon – Fri 9 am – 6 pm ( Tokyo Time)
Emergency 24/7

For more confirmation visit official website:

Mobile-first Indexing helpful in Ranking for Google 2018

Google mobile first strategy, Ranking for Google 2018 now upon us, there is a need to prepare for the upcoming update to Google’s search index to responsive mobile websites, if you haven’t already done so.

Mobile Revolution happens!

Google prefer Mobile First Indexing.

Make your website responsive.

Why Mobile first Indexing?

  • Increasing the number of mobile user.
  • People spent more time on mobile devices.
  • Searches more on mobile devices.
  • So we have to think for mobile users.

Henceforth, Google prefer mobile responsive site to rank it on Google.

That means if your site is optimize for mobile. It well ranks for mobile and desktop. If your site does not perform well on mobile, ranking will go down.

Updates about Mobile First Indexing.  Google’s Gary Illyes pinpointed 2018 as the likely deployment year for the mobile-first index.

For Mobile first Indexing what need to do with your website. Let me explain.

  • Responsive Design

Importance of Responsive Web Design for Google Ranking 2018. Responsive website is not only offers browsing experience for users, also improve ranking in search result.

In responsive design what things are involve.

  1. Fluid site grid with proportionate instead of fixed measures
  2. Flexible texts and images
  3. Implementing design changes to ensure usability for non-desktop devices
  4. Using CSS media queries to define breakpoints for design changes
  • Mobile-Optimized Website

A mobile optimized website developer creates responsive design for mobile devices. Mobile optimize web design automatically adjusts the layout of your website to fit the size of the gadget being used.

Having mobile responsive design isn’t only goal of mobile first indexing. Speed is also crucial part for search engine ranking and indexing.

A fast website encourages more sessions online, more customer conversions, lower bounce rate and more session duration.

  • Mobile-optimized Content

For mobile devices content also effective for search engine ranking, if you serve valuable content, no matter the length, your visitors will consume it voraciously as long as your content is engaging.

Guide for ensure your content is optimized for mobile:

  1. Take advantage of mobile applications to encourage engagement beyond your website. An interesting post or a best deal on an item will probably go far if your visitors share it on social site. Work on it.
  2. Develop high-quality articles that tell stories. As long as your content is great, these well engage visitors, visitors are willing to spend long sessions on your website.
  3. There are various types of matters in your post; GIF, infographics, Meme’s, high-quality images, videos, use them all.
  4. Shorter headlines get users reading faster. But strong headline is also important. Title is first impression of your post that convinces your visitor to keep reading. So, keep it strong and short.

After all efforts of your work, feedback is key. You need to know which of your content your visitors engage with the most. Stay on top of it all.

What is Bitcoin Mining? Cryptocurrency Mining Software

Bitcoin mining is a point-to-point process used to protect and verify the Bitcoin transactions available to the market.

Mining is the process of adding transaction records to bitcoin’s public ledger, or the Blockchain.

The blocks are obtained by Bitcoin miners who are made on top of each other to build a chain and launch the new chip with the help of the Bitcoin mining process.

How does mining physically work?
The blockchain is a chain of blocks. Miners use special software to solve mathematical problems that both confirm transactions, and generate new bitcoins, adding new transactions to the blockchain about every 10 minutes.

The hash rate is the process to solve the maths problem, in that performed the number of calculations, with a piece of hardware can make every second and the higher the hash rate, the more likely a miner is to solve a transaction and thus be rewarded with a set amount of bitcoin.

The Individual blocks necessity includes a proof-of-work to be deemed valid. This proof-of-work is established by other Bitcoin nodes every time they receive a block.

Bitcoin Mining is deliberately created to be resource-intensive and involved so that the number of transaction blocks determined each day by miners remains steady over time, providing an established finite financial supply.

Cryptocurrency mining Software – Abstract Softweb. Being a renowned cryptocurrency software development company, we provide bitcoin trading platform, cryptocurrency trading platform development services at the best rate in the market.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Application 
  • Bitcoin Wallet Application Development
  • Bitcoin Exchange Platform
  • Blockchain Development
  • Ethereum Application Development
  • ICO Development Services
  • Bitcoin Casino Software Development & Intergration Services


Google Certified Partner Company

Google Certified Partner Company – Abstract Softweb have google certified professionals.

Google’s program for companies that offers digital marketing services, Paid Promotion, Banding services online.

For google partner companies google offers wide range of benefits, invitation for events, industry research and more.

Google certified partner are trusted and skilled team of professionals. they are expert in their work.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) certification. GAIQ title goes to who has passed the google analytics assessment. Qualified users will be corrective at leveraging google analytics within their organization.

Google AdWords certified professional title used for individuals who demonstrate proficiency in basic and advanced aspects of AdWords .

An AdWords certification allows individuals to demonstrate that Google recognizes them as an expert in online advertising.

As a Google Partner Company, Abstract Softweb


  • Houses 17 AdWords Certified Project Managers
  • Meets high levels of qualification, training and customer support
  • Holds in-depth technical expertise and a wealth of experience in serving global clientele, helping them boost web presence and increase conversions
  • Receives support from Google including access to the latest Google beta technology and product updates, special events and product & account management training
  • Delivers full-cycle internet marketing services, guidance and support


Importance of Responsive Web Design for Google Ranking 2018

Importance of responsive web design for search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex , etc) ranking in 2018.  A Website with responsive  web design is a site that can be adjusted to the screen in which it is used, regardless of the device. As a result, the website is reformatted to provide the user with a superior experience adapted to your device, which offers you several advantages on your site and allows you to accept the recommendations of Google.  continue reading  Website design and development services.

Over the last five years, mobile browsing has increased very rapidly, and more recently, with the launch of 4G, it’s become almost as speedy as desktop browsing. Over that, the price of data plans has routinely dropped over the last few years, which means an ever-increasing number of individuals can comfortably spend hours tooling around and browsing on their phone, with no financial repercussions.

Increased Searches on mobile devices

Over the last five years, mobile browsing has risen very quickly, and more recently, with the release of 4g, it has become almost as fast as computer browsing. In addition, the price of data plans has declined steadily in recent years, which means that a growing number of people can comfortably spend hours handling and navigating their phones without financial implications.

It is important to have a receptive web design that works best on a smartphone or on other mobile device screens, due to the large number of people who could use your website via a smartphone or tablet.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

With a receptive site, all content and pages can be adapted to all screen resolutions and all devices. Whether you are looking at a site on your mobile phone or laptop, you will be united and easy to navigate despite the different screen sizes.

By offering an ideal customer experience, no matter how you look at it, the responsive web design means that your user can read and navigate the Web page with the smallest change in size and displacement.

Responsive web design can improve the user’s experience, which will become a positive brand and a corporate impression. If the customer can easily access the site on all platforms, he will probably return to the same site for more business in the future and probably have a higher conversion rate for the website.

In fact, as we know how much traffic comes from mobile devices, it is essential that you accept this factor on your website.

The design of the responsive website is now also important as an evaluation factor. Responsive sites usually load faster, which will probably support the site ranking and reduce the bounce rate.

Responsive Web design can also facilitate social exchange, helping to develop a wider audience for the brand.

SEO campaigns and website support are also a much easier process with a website optimized for mobiles. Responsive website design implies that you only need to take care of a website; It is also faster and more economical than creating a standalone mobile application in addition to your desktop website.

Responsive Website design is particularly most important for e-commerce sites. Do you know what is one of the most serious problems for online stores? Abandoned shopping carts. People get bored or stay cold halfway through the recording process, and take off essentially.

Billions of potential sales are disappearing!

You should ask why people abandon their purchases and, beyond the component of obvious doubts, has how a considerable number of online stores still have long and difficult registration forms, a problem that seems Aggravated by the lack of responsiveness.

The less demanding they are for customers to shop on their site, the more they will appreciate the offers. By incorporating a receptive design, it gains a competitive advantage and offers its customers an uncontrollably more fluid experience.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Agency Malta - Google Adwords CertifiedDigital Marketing Agency Mala – Bringing you the best quality traffic.

It has been confirmed that mobile speed and responsive Web design are an effective classification factor used by search engines to decide on the range of websites, thus ensuring an optimized design for devices Mobile. ways that one. Mobiles are much friendlier with social networks, with customers considerably more sensitive to social network links from Exchange websites on the mobile than on the laptop or PC. And in general, we know how important social network marketing can be to any business. continue reading >> How to on-page SEO.

Banking & Finance Software Development – Mobile Apps and Website

Abstract Softweb renders IT Solutions exclusively tailored for financial and banking service industry. Abstract Softweb makes use of technological knowledge and domain expertise, for creating mobile apps and web application for banking and insurance sector. The Applications development services given by Abstract Softweb for various banking and insurance sector industries are meant to increase regulation compliance, efficiency, reliability and security of operations.

Development of software for banking and insurance sector industries is a responsible task, to meet these goals, banking, and other financial institutions needs advanced IT services that help them streamline their operations, and make them more secure and cost-effective. Abstract Softweb works with ISVs and ASPs, specializing in software development for banking and finance sector industries. Services take advantage of the benefits of Analytics, Mobile, Social Media, and Cloud (SMAC) technology to support financial and risk management institutions.

Basic mobile banking features in Mobile apps and Web Application

  • Account management to check balances and transaction history.
  • Money transfer to another person and between the owner’s accounts at different banks, with the option of an instant transfer.
  • Customization alerts to receive text, email and push notifications (account alerts, bill pay reminders, security alerts), and more.
  • Payments scheduling to make regular payments and pay bills in a snap.

We are able to developed comprehensive accounting and financial desktop and web application for various banking sectors that processes multiple transactions, to keep track of assets and liabilities, to conduct ongoing financial operations, and to reconcile their cash workflow, especially when data should be consolidated from numerous company offices and affiliates.
We are expertise in designing and developing secured websites for financial and commerce institutions. We remain actively involved in teaching you to manage and continuously improve your website.

Abstract Softweb offers mobile apps, web application and software development services. Designing and creating banking and financial websites for banking and finance sector industries. Serving in United Kingdom, United States, Australia, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Germany, France, United Arab Emirates and many others majors countries around the globe.

Hearts Card Game Development Company – Card Game App & Website

One of the top class games for users and this also helps you get the unleashed experience. You’ll love playing the captivating Hearts card game on your Smartphone screen and you’ll love it too. This particular game is over when there are 4 players and you also get more or exactly the 100 points. You will also win when you have only the small score. Although there is also the possibility to make the most of your cards and win the game.

In this game, the player must also follow the entire suit, with only one type of exception, the letter of Hearts. You just need to place the heart card on the tip for the first time and it’s also called Breaking hearts. When the hearts break too, then you can also start the tour with the letter of Hearts. You can also pick up the score cards while playing in this game and you can also shoot the moon.

Hearts Card Game Software Development – Abstract Softweb


We are already one of the leading online web application development services and products. With an excellent reputation in the marketplace to design and develop highly personalized solutions. Mobile Gaming Development Services meet customer-specific demands. Our team of WEB designers, developers and engineers has the experience of working on all kinds of platforms using the most advanced tools.

We have the best team of game developers that develop the best web and mobile apps, and help you unleash your gaming experience. Hire heart card game developer, We have a dedicated, competent and expert team of heart game developers who work effortlessly to provide you the heart card games apps and rummy games web application as per your requirements. Whatever your desired platform from Web, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Cross platform we excel in providing seamless heart card game for all.

Sports Betting Game Software Development – Apps and Website

We have a dynamic team of game developers with hands on experience on numerous projects and with their endeavors. This is one of the best in sports gambling to be considered and the Bookie also helps you to bet online, for live matches.

Sports Betting apps and web applications to bet on different sports such as football, tennis, basketball, rugby and much more! Check your opponent’s life score and follow the statistics to analyze the scores on your screen.

Sports Betting Game Software Development – Abstract Softweb

iPhone App Development Services

Android App Development Services

Abstract Softweb always been known to offer world-class solutions to its customers who understand the need and make sure to meet them all in a professional way. Get the best gaming experience.

For playing Betting, you can also invite the friends from social networks, join them for tournaments. Top class features & lots of options to compete with the best ever betters in this kind of betting. You will also be getting the chance for experiencing the virtual betting just for free.

In Sports Betting app and web application, user will able to check the live scores and also for tracking the records of the Bookies just by the personalized scoreboards. You get good offers, coupons through apps and website. Guide for finding the best ever ways for winning the bets and also the offers in the game too.

Hire betting app and website developer, we have a dedicated, competent and expert team of betting game developers who work effortlessly to provide you the betting games apps and betting games web application as per your requirements. Whatever your desired platform from Web, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Cross platform we excel in providing seamless betting game for all.

Bingo Game Development Company – Bingo Game Mobile Apps and Website

We are leading bingo game software development company. Bingo is a part of casino games, We offers bingo game app and web application development solution to our customers.

As a leader in the development of games, we have the team of game developers of top class and stand out in the development of different online games that are very fashionable these days. Bingo is one such game to consider for. You can play this game alone or in tournaments too. This game is also played in multiplayer games and tournaments as well. You can have the best bingo game experience on your smartphone’s screen.

Development of Bingo Game software – Abstract Softweb.

iPhone App Development Services

Android App Development Services

Playing bingo games is best gaming experience. You will also feel on the moon knowing that bingo halls are also available for even more bingo. The jackpot is one of those versions where you can also play bingo at the glamorous Las Vegas casino style. Through the Venice, you can also enjoy the sights and also the sounds of Italy, every time you play. There are several rooms available in this game to consider. Florida for palm trees and flamingos are also perfect for you to consider the bingo games.

The Bingo game is available for free to play on the Android handsets and also for the adult audience, and this does not provide either the real money game or the opportunities to earn real money or also the prizes. The success of this Bingo game also depends on the future success as a real money game. The Bingo game has also just been created by the Super Lucky Casino, and these are also the creators of these best free Vegas Style casino games and also the apps for the phone or even the tablet. Have fun playing Bingo, the game that is available to play for free.

Teen Patti Game Development Company – Teen Patti Mobile Apps and Website

We are the leading Teen Patti game development company. We have best team of laudable game app developers who have the best skills in creating the function-rich and various kinds of game apps of different kinds for the customers in the world. We make use of the best sources for developing the best game like the teen Patti, rummy and much more, as per the needs and customization of the clients. Our major goal is for offering the best in class and important modules which are required for running the game efficaciously for good player base as such.

Teen Patti Game Software Development – Abstract Softweb

Teen Patti is one of the best the gambling of the cards which is being played among the game lovers, in which 3 to 6 people can play at a time with the uses of 52 cards and this leads to the business opportunity for the game developers around the globe.

Abstract Softweb best team of game developers is pretty skillful and talented in the development of games and they ensure that the games they develop are also very interesting for the kernel. The games developed by our developers also lead to higher incomes and profits.

Hire Teen Patti game developers also includes the best features in the game and this makes the game lover happy to the core. For the complete understanding of the game, the game player can also opt for using the game chat feature, tournaments and also Customer support feature also.

Hire Teen Patti game developers, include the best features of the game and this makes the game lover happy in the deepest. For a complete understanding of the game, the player can also opt to use the game’s chat function, tournaments and also the customer service function.