Mobile-first Indexing helpful in Ranking for Google 2018

Google mobile first strategy, Ranking for Google 2018 now upon us, there is a need to prepare for the upcoming update to Google’s search index to responsive mobile websites, if you haven’t already done so.

Mobile Revolution happens!

Google prefer Mobile First Indexing.

Make your website responsive.

Why Mobile first Indexing?

  • Increasing the number of mobile user.
  • People spent more time on mobile devices.
  • Searches more on mobile devices.
  • So we have to think for mobile users.

Henceforth, Google prefer mobile responsive site to rank it on Google.

That means if your site is optimize for mobile. It well ranks for mobile and desktop. If your site does not perform well on mobile, ranking will go down.

Updates about Mobile First Indexing.  Google’s Gary Illyes pinpointed 2018 as the likely deployment year for the mobile-first index.

For Mobile first Indexing what need to do with your website. Let me explain.

  • Responsive Design

Importance of Responsive Web Design for Google Ranking 2018. Responsive website is not only offers browsing experience for users, also improve ranking in search result.

In responsive design what things are involve.

  1. Fluid site grid with proportionate instead of fixed measures
  2. Flexible texts and images
  3. Implementing design changes to ensure usability for non-desktop devices
  4. Using CSS media queries to define breakpoints for design changes
  • Mobile-Optimized Website

A mobile optimized website developer creates responsive design for mobile devices. Mobile optimize web design automatically adjusts the layout of your website to fit the size of the gadget being used.

Having mobile responsive design isn’t only goal of mobile first indexing. Speed is also crucial part for search engine ranking and indexing.

A fast website encourages more sessions online, more customer conversions, lower bounce rate and more session duration.

  • Mobile-optimized Content

For mobile devices content also effective for search engine ranking, if you serve valuable content, no matter the length, your visitors will consume it voraciously as long as your content is engaging.

Guide for ensure your content is optimized for mobile:

  1. Take advantage of mobile applications to encourage engagement beyond your website. An interesting post or a best deal on an item will probably go far if your visitors share it on social site. Work on it.
  2. Develop high-quality articles that tell stories. As long as your content is great, these well engage visitors, visitors are willing to spend long sessions on your website.
  3. There are various types of matters in your post; GIF, infographics, Meme’s, high-quality images, videos, use them all.
  4. Shorter headlines get users reading faster. But strong headline is also important. Title is first impression of your post that convinces your visitor to keep reading. So, keep it strong and short.

After all efforts of your work, feedback is key. You need to know which of your content your visitors engage with the most. Stay on top of it all.