What is on-page SEO? & How to do onpage SEO?

What is on-page SEO? How to do SEO on-page?. Let me introduce the On-Page SEO checklist.  On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing each page of website for rank higher and generate more traffic. On-page SEO refers to both the content part and HTML source code of a page, Magnify JS, CSS files.

  1. Title tag: Title is the most important on-page SEO factor. Reason, the more attractive and optimized your title is, the more people will click.  50–60 characters of a title is perfect to visible in result page.
  2. Meta Description: A Meta description or Meta description attribute or description tag contains description and summarizes the contents of webpage for the benefit of users and search engines. Meta description appears on search engine result page with title & URL. 80% users read this analyzes before click on result. So make it perfect with using focused keywords with expiations. Search Engine Google expanded the character length of Meta descriptions to 320 characters
  3. Post Permalink Structure: Using a plain text and clear permalink structure.  In URL try to use focused keywords for the page or post name.
  4. Heading Tags implementation: The H1 tag is the most important heading, Also highest level tag that shows what your specific web page is about. Search engines generally give this tag more weight over other headings for know the about the webpage.
  5. Google Analytics and Webmaster Implementation:  For measure traffic, website performance and strategy planning analytics and webmaster data help you.
  6. Keyword Density:  Keyword density important for content marketing that is a relation of focused keywords and total number of words in post. For example: if a keyword appears three times in a 100 word text the keyword density would be 3%.
  7. Interlinking: Search engine crawlers’ uses links to find out what other pages on your website. Search engine crawls following links, internal and external determined the relevancy & the relationship between the various pages, posts and other content.
  8. Image Optimization: Image optimization – make it as small as possible, compress the image. A well-optimized image also has the right name, use in image tag proper title and alt text, so it’s optimized for search engines too. Google Update, Optimize image that are index in https://www.google.com/imghp helping to generate traffic.
  9. Robots.txt File: Robots.txt file is a text file that can be uploaded to the root directory. Search engine crawlers get the information which pages of website they can visit and include them in their index.

Conclusion: There are many others point in On-Page SEO that’s also matter for ranking.  For digital marketing consulting and SEO services contact us. We are leading  web design and development company in Malta and best Digital Marketing Agency Malta.