CrossPlatform App Development

Companies from all over the world are driving towards cross-platform app development for its flexibility and one-code-fits-all characteristics. This feasible app development technology not only saves your money but saves development process time too. We at Abstract Softweb are passionate while performing our skills to serve our clients with forefront technologies for their dream projects. This development platform is the future of mobile application development.
We have a dedicated team of cross-platform app developers to deliver the best cross-platform app development services with a superior experience. At Abstract Softweb, we understand the market requirements and unique designs that fit perfectly for your business. We leverage the power of cross-platform technology to develop unique cross-platform apps. We:

  • Are specialize in cross-platform development services
  • Value the money and time invested by our clients
  • Have skillful and experienced cross-platform developers
  • Offer post-development maintenance and support
  • Provide unique cross-platform application development solutions

Best Cross-Platform App Development Company

Planning to build a new app or modernize your existing app to something faster and unique that can expand your business? We at Abstract Softweb deliver cross-platform development services with top-rated quality. Our dedicated team of experienced developers is trained to develop cross-platform apps significantly. We are well known for delivering the best quality cross-platform mobile development.

Cross-platform application development is a free mobile app development process that runs on multiple platforms with a single-code system. That means businesses can release their products in the market faster with better quality. At Abstract Softweb, we hire excellent cross-platform developers and train them to become the best in the industry. We also have a dedicated business analysis team to share the market requirements for your project. We also provide post-deployment maintenance for both new and pre-existing clients. To scale up your business and increase the number of users, you should hire a cross-platform developer from our company.

Cross-Platform Development Services That We Offer

At Abstract Softweb, we offer multiple cross-platform development services, as per the client's requirements. We are best known to provide quality solutions and deliver them on time for your project.

AI-based Cross-Platform Apps

Our cross-platform app developers are capable of assimilating AI into your mobile app to make it feature-rich and user-friendly.

Wearable Cross-Platform Mobile Apps

We provide feature-rich wearable apps that are integrated with sensors and cameras to enhance user-experience.

Web-Based App Development

Our dedicated team of cross-platform developers is capable of developing web-based cross-platform apps.

Unique Designs

We are known for our stunning and unique cross-platform app designs. Our designers know the best that fits your project.

Testing Services

We are committed to delivering top-quality solutions to our clients. To assure the quality we run multiple testing.

Cross-Platform App Maintenance & Support

Our dedicated support staff is appointed to resolve your queries, even after the deployment of the app.

Bring out the best with cross-platform app development.

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Why Chose Abstract Softweb for Cross-platform App Development

At Abstract Softweb, we have a pool of experienced and talented cross-platform app developers, who are best known for their unique design and skilful mobile app development approach with top-notch quality.

Experienced Designers

At Abstract Softweb, we have a dedicated team of mobile app designers. These designers are highly efficient to create unique and prominent designs for your cross-platform apps.

Using Forefront Technologies

Our cross-platform app developers use forefront technologies and advanced tools to create robust mobile apps for our clients and help them to scale up their business.

Comprehensive App Testing

We have a dedicated team of testers and quality analysts to run both manual and automated testing multiple times to ensure a bug-free and top-quality outcome.

Dedicated Teams and Resources

At Abstract Softweb, we provide a dedicated team of cross-platform app developers, project managers, and support staff to every client on their requirements.

Support and Maintenance

Our support staff resolves all the queries. From the development phase to post-deployment, we offer support and maintenance services per the project agreement.


We value both time and money, and thus we are committed to delivering every project within the given deadline. But we also do not compromise the quality to maintain deadlines.

Flexible Engagement

Hire cross-platform developers at Abstract Softweb, who are knowledgeable about flexible engagement models and deliver you the best app development services for your business.


At Abstract Softweb, we assure to not leak any of your project ideas or data. Before starting the development process, we sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement).

Certified Experts

At Abstract Softweb, conduct multiple training sessions and certification programs after hiring them, and only the certified developers get a chance to work with us.


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Our Cross-platform Development Process

Being the top-rated Cross-platform development company in the USA, we follow a very unique and strategic development process.

  • 1
    You've An App Idea
    Listen to the Idea
  • 2
    You've An App Idea
    Collect all the Client's requirements
  • 3
    You've An App Idea
    Work on the UI/UX Design
  • 4
    You've An App Idea
    Work on the App Development
  • 5
    You've An App Idea
    App Testing
  • 6
    You've An App Idea
    Deployment and Maintenance

Why Choose Cross-Platform App Web Development

Cross-platform app development is one of the most preferred ways of getting a mobile app developed as it not only saves app development time but saves cost too.

Code Reusability

One of the main reasons to use cross-platform app development is code-reusability. It allows developers to create apps faster as 90% of the code can be reused.


Faster and Flexible

It is very important to launch your apps on time and cross-platform app development provides a speedy and agile mobile app development process making it possible.


Uniform UI

For those who are looking to streamline their UI/UX and want to offer a uniform UI across platforms, cross-platform app development is the best approach to go for.


Simple Data Migration

If you are planning to migrate your app to a unique platform, cross-platform app development offers an easy migration process while retaining pre-existing data secured.


Reduced App Development Cost

One of the main benefits of opting for cross-platform app development services is the reduced development cost as developers need not write the code again and again.


Quicker Prototyping

If you are looking for early market entry and are ready with your app idea, going with a proficient cross-platform app development company can be a good choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few questions that will help you understand us better.


As mentioned in the name, cross-platform apps mean flexible and compatible mobile applications that are developed to function on various platforms like iOS and Android. Cross-platform apps are code reusable and native-like. The companies who are looking for fast and cost-effective mobile app developments, then they should opt for cross-platform app development. The development cycle of cross-platform development is very simple and fast.


Our experienced cross-platform developers use multiple technologies during the development and for the backend process. The development team in our company uses Xamarin, React Native, Ionic, and Flutter during cross-platform development. Our backend team is experienced in multiple technologies like Laravel, Java, .Net, PHP, GraphQL, Golang, Flask, Node.JS, and Python along with efficient skills in various DBMS technologies.


Our app development company started guiding you from the initial stage. We have a dedicated business analysis team who will share the requirements and suggestions for your project and submit the quotes. Our highly qualified and knowledgeable cross-platform app developers are hired through multiple screening tests and rounds of interviews. We have a dedicated support and maintenance team to solve all the pre and post-development issues. For us, customer satisfaction is very much important and we strictly follow our methodologies and policies.


While developing a cross-platform app we follow several development phases and cycle like planning, designing the app, testing, demonstration, feedback, modifying the app, and then after getting the final result we deploy the app into the app stores. Come to the cost, we have a dedicated business analysis team to share the requirements and suggestions for the project along with cost-effective quotes. To get a budget-friendly quotation and an estimated timeframe for your dream project, please contact us with the project details.


Your knowledge or experience does not matter to have an app for your business. You can easily get an app for your business and that is our job. To run your business, you need to know your industry, not the app development. And that is why we are here. Hire cross-platform developers who can build a user-friendly app for your dream project and also will update you with all the needed knowledge. Our support and maintenance team are always present to help you with your needs. Whether you are good in technology or a tech noob, we will always be honest with our clients.


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